Blake Byram

Coast Guard Veteran and Licensed Pilot

Blake Byram: Working to Build a Better Community

Professional developer Blake Byram is passionate about making his local community a better place. As a longtime resident of the Austin area, Blake Byram understands and cares about the health and strength of Austin, and has participated in numerous efforts to show his support and compassion for the people, and the neighborhoods, of his local area.

Blake Byram

Blake Byram

As a socially responsible member of the Austin business community, Blake Byram is constantly committed to any effort that can improve community health and brighten people’s lives. As the holder of a professional pilot’s license, he has consistently performed above and beyond the call of duty, generously donating both his aircraft and his piloting skill to events and efforts aimed to helping those in need. Formerly a member of the United States Coast Guard, Blake Byram was awarded a Meritorious Commendation for Service Above and Beyond the Call of Duty, and provided valuable assistance a drug interdiction program in an effort to stop the progress of Haitian drug smugglers. His piloting experience and expertise has served useful during Hurrican Katrina search and rescue missions, and was proven indispensable during a Doctors Without Borders effort to provide medical supplies and personnel to to the healthcare deprived residents of Port Au Prince, Haiti.

Blake Byram has also proven to be an effective fundraiser, playing an important part in event sponsored by the American Red Cross to raise money for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. The event, for which Blake Byram generously donated the venue, ended up raising over $1.5 million in support of the Hurrican’s Relief efforts.


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