Blake Byram

Coast Guard Veteran and Licensed Pilot

Blake Byram: Fundraising Advocate

Blake Byram has worked tirelessly as a professional for many years. Having obtained a vast-array of skills and certifications throughout his career, Blake Byram has achieved tremendous success as a professional in the business world, as well as a variety of other areas. In addition to his success in the business field of sales, Blake Byram has also developed a reputation for being a leading supporter and advocate of charities and nonprofit organizations, including the American Red Cross.

While often busy as a professional pilot, business leader, professional scuba diving instructor, youth football coach, and in many other capacities, Blake Byram has spent much of his time helping organizations that are committed to providing needed assistance to numerous underserved communities with essential fundraising capital.

Blake Byram

Blake Byram

For the American Red Cross, Blake Byram helped facilitate and plan a fundraising engagement that resulted in the astonishing revenue of $1,500,000 raised for the organization, which donated the proceeds to victims of Hurricane Sandy, which devastated miles of land and effected the lives of thousands of people.

Blake Byram has long believed in utilizing his skills and abilities to support those in need. Additionally, Blake Byram has been recognized for his generosity, which has greatly benefited a number of nonprofit organizations. Blake Byram has contributed space and time for numerous charitable events, including those that have supported veterans, including the Wounded Warriors nonprofit organization.

Blake Byram has also been essential to a variety of charities for his donations of aircraft and piloting services (of which he has long provided himself).

At the American Red Cross fundraiser, of which Blake Byram was essential to the orchestration and planning of, the first United States Ferrari F12 Berlinetta was auctioned. The highly successful fundraiser for the American Red Cross organized by Blake Byram, was held on November 8, 2012.


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