Blake Byram

Coast Guard Veteran and Licensed Pilot

Blake Byram: Helping Those In Need

Blake Byram believes that there is much importance within the cause of helping those in need. For a wide-range of services, organizations, and institutions, Blake Byram has provided valuable resources and commitment to helping create positive results related to a vast-array of endeavors.

Blake Byram has demonstrated diligence as a leading professional who has offered his skills and expertise to a variety of nonprofit organizations. As an active member of the business community, of which he has been involved with as a leading professional for many years, Blake Byram is highly qualified in the area of directing organizational efforts towards success.

Blake Byram

Blake Byram

For the American Red Cross, Blake Byram provided his assistance and expertise in developing and implementing a fundraiser that raised $1,500,000. The money that Blake Byram helped raise for the American Red Cross was earned via an action that featured the first US Ferrari F 12, Berlinetta, which was sold at the Byram Ranch on November 8, 2012.

Additionally, Blake Byram has experience in utilizing his expertise as an experienced aircraft pilot in the service of those in need. Not only has Blake Byram served as a pilot for the United States National Guard, he has also utilized his piloting service for the support of organizations such as Doctors Without Borders, wherein he has helped transport doctors as well as medical supplies to Port au Prince Haiti. Blake Byram has demonstrated his passion for helping those in need for many years.

At a variety of companies and organizations, Blake Byram has played a central role in supporting individuals, groups, and others who are members of underserved communities, including those devastated by natural disasters, as a key volunteer and serviceperson.


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