Blake Byram

Coast Guard Veteran and Licensed Pilot

Blake Byram: Highly Devoted Leader

Blake Byram is a highly devoted leader who has been recognized on numerous occasions for his outstanding record of achievement as a leader in a variety of areas. As a leader in the professional world, particularly in the area of construction, Blake Byram has an extensive record of accomplishments.

Among Blake Byram’s numerous professional achievements have been the development and construction of more than 20,000 square feet for the BF Goodrich Aerospace center; a project that, under Blake Byram’s leadership, was completed in record time in order so that the distribution agreements of the company could remain intact.

Blake Byram

Blake Byram

Additionally, Blake Byram has been recognized for the performance of tenant finish out projects that have been requested by various companies and institutions throughout the areas of Austin, Texas, including the city of Austin itself, as well as Weingarten Realty and Trammell Crow Company.

Blake Byram has developed a track-record of success as a leader outside of his professional career in property and management, as well. For the United States of America Football Association, Blake Byram has served as a youth football coach for many years. Also, Blake Byram has worked with a number of organizations as a volunteer pilot, operating both fixed wing aircraft and helicopters.

Blake Byram is a highly qualified and experienced leader who believes that one of the most gratifying duties he is often responsible for – the coaching and training of young people – is an extraordinary opportunity to help provide a positive example while also instilling the virtues inherent in leadership in young people.


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