Blake Byram

Coast Guard Veteran and Licensed Pilot

Blake Byram – Ways to Get Involved

Blake Byram is passionate about helping out the local community, and has contributed much of his time, skill, and even the use of his own personal aircraft, to causes and organizations that benefit both Austin and the international community. As a talented pilot, and a caring local philanthropist, Blake Byram has been an integral part of many charitable events, causes and efforts throughout the area.

Blake Byram

Blake Byram

Below, Blake Byram offers some useful tips to people seeking a way to be more active in their local community.

List Intriguing Organizations and Causes

Blake Byram recommends first making a list of the organizations and/or charitable endeavors you are most interested in. These can include anything from a local homeless shelter or childhood mentorship program to a society or association that raises money and increases awareness of a terminal disease, or that supports a clean water initiative.

Determine Your Skills

Blake Byram next suggests making a list of your particular skills and/or talents, and to contact the organizations or groups you’re interested in to see how your skillset can best be put to use within their parameters. Using your skills to help a nonprofit, or to lend a helping hand to others, can help you to hone your talents and to be a more effective community volunteer.

Be Reasonable and Honest About Your Time

Be sure, says Blake Byram, to have a good understanding of the time you have and are willing to give to a cause or nonprofit. Knowing your schedule will help you to accurately plan your involvement and will allow the local organization to better plan for and depend on your involvement in the future.


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