Blake Byram

Coast Guard Veteran and Licensed Pilot

Blake Byram – Building a Successful Business

Blake Byram is a member of a family owned land development company; a successful and proven leader of development and construction projects in the entire Austin area. As the leader of the business, Blake Byram has helped to build his operation into a local business leader, one involved in some of the most successful and economically beneficial land development projects in the entire region.

Blake Byram understands what it takes to both build and maintain a successful company, and shares some advice below on how to provide your business the best possible foundation for success.

Blake Byram

Blake Byram

Make Your Company Value-Oriented

Determine the things that are important to you, says Blake Byram, and do your best to apply those values to your business operation. Such things as honesty, profitability, product-originality, innovation, etc. are often good places to start.

Have a Successful Attitude

Be positive and demonstrate an attitude conducive to success. As Blake Byram states, your business is a reflection of you, so try your best to be as positive, confident and passionate about your company as possible. Refuse to be the victim, or to inject gloominess or despair into your company or your company atmosphere. A winning attitude, says Blake Byram, will often times attract new customers, and more it far more likely for people to return.

Create a Detailed Plan

It’s impossible to plan for everything, says Blake Byram, but it’s important to have a framework in place that gives your company the structure and capability to function and grown at optimal levels.



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