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Blake Byram – Extensive Volunteering Experience

Professional Austin developer Blake Byram is an invested member of the local community, and has generously donated both his time and skills to charitable events and organizations that have provided much needed help and support to less-fortunate populations. He understands the value of volunteering, and has made a concerted effort to provide help to victims of both natural disasters and humanitarian crises.

Blake Byram

Blake Byram

Blake Byram was integral to the success of a local auction that raised money for the Austin Children’s Shelter, donating valuable event space and time to an effort that delivered financial assistance to an indispensable community organization. He has also passionately supported wounded veteran’s organizations, such as Wounded Warriors, offering up both piloting services and the use of his personal aircraft to help give much-needed support to both military veterans and their families.

Blake Byram has also delivered help to the American Red Cross, orchestrating and planning a fundraiser that provided over $1.5 million in financial aid to the recent victims of Hurricane Sandy. This was accomplished through the auction of a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, which was held at the Byram family ranch in 2012. Blake Byram has also expressed his support for those in need by donating his piloting skills and aircraft to Doctors Without Borders humanitarian efforts in Port Au Prince, Haiti.

Blake Byram is currently a member of the National Rifle Association, Safari Club International, and is formerly a serviceman in the United States Coast Guard. He is certified in CPR, and is currently a head coach in the Pop Warner football association.




Blake Byram – Building a Successful Business

Blake Byram is a member of a family owned land development company; a successful and proven leader of development and construction projects in the entire Austin area. As the leader of the business, Blake Byram has helped to build his operation into a local business leader, one involved in some of the most successful and economically beneficial land development projects in the entire region.

Blake Byram understands what it takes to both build and maintain a successful company, and shares some advice below on how to provide your business the best possible foundation for success.

Blake Byram

Blake Byram

Make Your Company Value-Oriented

Determine the things that are important to you, says Blake Byram, and do your best to apply those values to your business operation. Such things as honesty, profitability, product-originality, innovation, etc. are often good places to start.

Have a Successful Attitude

Be positive and demonstrate an attitude conducive to success. As Blake Byram states, your business is a reflection of you, so try your best to be as positive, confident and passionate about your company as possible. Refuse to be the victim, or to inject gloominess or despair into your company or your company atmosphere. A winning attitude, says Blake Byram, will often times attract new customers, and more it far more likely for people to return.

Create a Detailed Plan

It’s impossible to plan for everything, says Blake Byram, but it’s important to have a framework in place that gives your company the structure and capability to function and grown at optimal levels.


Blake Byram – Things to do in Austin

Blake Byram is a long-time resident and professional of the City of Austin, and has enjoyed access to what has become one of the leading centers of music, art and energy in both Texas and United States. As an influential and successful member of the Austin community, Blake Byram encourages visitors to take advantage of the many wonderful and enriching things the city has to offer.

Below, Blake Byram shares some of his favorite places to visit in Austin, attractions that every visitor should take the opportunity to experience during their Austin adventure.

Blake Byram

Blake Byram

Congress Avenue Bat Colony

Many are aware of Austin’s proclivity towards music and arts festivals throughout the course of the year, says Blake Byram, though some may not be aware of the enormous bat colony that calls the Austin Congress Avenue bridge home from Spring to early Fall. Over 1.5 million bats live on the bridge during their annual migration, providing visitors a breathtaking view of an interesting natural phenomenon.

6th Street

6th Street, says Blake Byram, is the most famous and visited street in the City of Austin, and is home to Austin’s vibrant and nightlife and entertainment scene. Visitors to 6th Street have access to a variety of clubs, bars, restaurants, cafes, art galleries and more.

Baylor Street Art Wall

Known as one of the stops that truly captures Austin’s unique and creative essence, says Blake Byram, the Baylor Street Art Wall features the work of a very of graffiti artists, and is an ever-changing artistic canvas that always offers something different to look at.


Blake Byram: Safari Club International

Blake Byram is proud to be a lifetime member of Safari Club International, an organization whose twofold purpose is to protect hunters’ rights while promoting wildlife conservation and protection throughout the United States and the world.

Blake Byram is a firm believer on both Safari Club International missions, and hopes to be a loyal and effective member of the organization throughout the rest of his life. The worldwide network created by the SFI works to promote the protection of hunters’ rights across the entire globe while playing an influential advocacy role in the conservation and protection of species in every corner of the planet. Blake Byram, a hunting enthusiast and passionate outdoorsman, understands that the sport of hunting is something that should always be taken seriously and performed responsibly, which is why he continues to support the Safari Club International organization.

Blake Byram is part of an organization that currently boasts over 55,000 members worldwide, one that has over 190 different membership chapters located in many countries and regions across the globe. The SFI continues to be a staunch advocate of wildlife preservation and conservation, and enjoys the support and membership of every member.

The SFI is was officially established in 1972, and was created primarily from the consolidation of various safari groups throughout the United States and beyond. Blake Byram enjoys the many benefits of SFI membership, and continues to represent the organization’s socially-responsible message and mission with distinction. Each SFI Chapter works to protect and fight for the rich heritage of hunters across the globe.

Blake Byram: Prolific Donator

Blake Byram has worked tirelessly as a contributor, volunteer and advocate for a wide-range of charities, nonprofit organizations, and other institutions that champion good causes.

Blake Byram is a licensed helicopter pilot who, among other things, has donated his service is a helicopter pilot to numerous good causes. Not only has Blake Byram provided his skills as a licensed helicopter pilot to charitable organizations, but he has also donated his own helicopters to provide transportation, relief, and other services to a wide-range of organizations.

Blake Byram

Blake Byram

Blake Byram has donated helicopter time and instruction to institutions including the Bridgepoint Elementary school which is part of the Eanes Independent School District (ISD) for the purpose of the school’s Science Day in the years of 2010, 2011, and 2012. Additionally, Blake Byram has conducted classes in aerodynamics for the benefit of the elementary school students of the Eanes ISD.

As an avid supporter of charities and skilled professional, Blake Byram has provided his serves as a pilot and owner of aircraft to help the victims of the devastating Bastrop fires as part of a project conducted by the American Broadcasting Association (ABC) program ‘Extreme Makeover’, which, in addition to helping with disaster relief efforts in relation to the Bastrop fires, also aired and helped to publicize the need for assistance of victims of the fires through its airing of the episode in which Blake Byram was involved with as a donator of his helicopter.

Blake Byram is an actively involved member of numerous organizations, and, Blake Byram is currently the President of the Pedemales Rod and Gun Club.

Blake Byram: Highly Devoted Leader

Blake Byram is a highly devoted leader who has been recognized on numerous occasions for his outstanding record of achievement as a leader in a variety of areas. As a leader in the professional world, particularly in the area of construction, Blake Byram has an extensive record of accomplishments.

Among Blake Byram’s numerous professional achievements have been the development and construction of more than 20,000 square feet for the BF Goodrich Aerospace center; a project that, under Blake Byram’s leadership, was completed in record time in order so that the distribution agreements of the company could remain intact.

Blake Byram

Blake Byram

Additionally, Blake Byram has been recognized for the performance of tenant finish out projects that have been requested by various companies and institutions throughout the areas of Austin, Texas, including the city of Austin itself, as well as Weingarten Realty and Trammell Crow Company.

Blake Byram has developed a track-record of success as a leader outside of his professional career in property and management, as well. For the United States of America Football Association, Blake Byram has served as a youth football coach for many years. Also, Blake Byram has worked with a number of organizations as a volunteer pilot, operating both fixed wing aircraft and helicopters.

Blake Byram is a highly qualified and experienced leader who believes that one of the most gratifying duties he is often responsible for – the coaching and training of young people – is an extraordinary opportunity to help provide a positive example while also instilling the virtues inherent in leadership in young people.

Blake Byram: Youth Sports Coach

Blake Byram is a highly experienced and qualified youth football sports coach. For many years, Blake Byram has utilized his abilities as a leader and sports player to coach a number of youth football teams. For USA Football, the country’s largest association for football players as well as coaches, Blake Byram has provided his extensive skills and expertise as a youth coach to numerous individuals and families.

Blake Byram believes that youth sports provide valuable tools to the young sportsmen and women who participate in them. Blake Byram has a long history of utilizing his skills, talents, and abilities as a youth coach, particularly in the area of football. Blake Byram has demonstrated outstanding commitment as a youth football coach, and, he has enjoyed helping numerous young people in their growth and development in the sport.

Blake Byram

Blake Byram

Blake Byram encourages not only young people, but adults, as well, to consider involvement with sports to enhance their lives. Sports, according to Blake Byram, provide a valuable resource to the individuals and organizations that are involved with them, because, as Blake Byram continues, sports are beneficial to communities, overall. Through providing healthy outlets for citizens, including children and aspiring professional sports players, sports are a highlight of numerous communities.

Blake Byram has dedicated many years to serving his community as a youth sports coach. Having earned a vast array of accolades as a football coach for youth football teams, Blake Byram is recognized for his abilities and expertise in training young sportsmen and women.

Blake Byram: Helping Those In Need

Blake Byram believes that there is much importance within the cause of helping those in need. For a wide-range of services, organizations, and institutions, Blake Byram has provided valuable resources and commitment to helping create positive results related to a vast-array of endeavors.

Blake Byram has demonstrated diligence as a leading professional who has offered his skills and expertise to a variety of nonprofit organizations. As an active member of the business community, of which he has been involved with as a leading professional for many years, Blake Byram is highly qualified in the area of directing organizational efforts towards success.

Blake Byram

Blake Byram

For the American Red Cross, Blake Byram provided his assistance and expertise in developing and implementing a fundraiser that raised $1,500,000. The money that Blake Byram helped raise for the American Red Cross was earned via an action that featured the first US Ferrari F 12, Berlinetta, which was sold at the Byram Ranch on November 8, 2012.

Additionally, Blake Byram has experience in utilizing his expertise as an experienced aircraft pilot in the service of those in need. Not only has Blake Byram served as a pilot for the United States National Guard, he has also utilized his piloting service for the support of organizations such as Doctors Without Borders, wherein he has helped transport doctors as well as medical supplies to Port au Prince Haiti. Blake Byram has demonstrated his passion for helping those in need for many years.

At a variety of companies and organizations, Blake Byram has played a central role in supporting individuals, groups, and others who are members of underserved communities, including those devastated by natural disasters, as a key volunteer and serviceperson.

Blake Byram: Dedicated To Service

Blake Byram has spent many years of his life as an individual who has been dedicated to serving others. Blake Byram is a former member of the United States Coast Guard, an organization of which he served at between the years of 1991 and 1994. The United States Coast Guard is an organization that provides essential and lifesaving services in both times of peace as well as war times, according to Blake Byram .

The tenure of Blake Byram at the United States Coast Guard is highly decorated. In his service at the United States Coast Guard, Blake Byram obtained various awards and commendations.

Blake Byram

Blake Byram

Blake Byram earned his status as an Honor Graduate of the United States Coast Guard, and, Blake Byram also received the award of ‘Expert Marksman’ for his outstanding performance in pistol and rifle shooting. Additionally, Blake Byram received a Meritorious Commendation for Service Above and Beyond the Call of Duty from the United States Coast Guard. In addition to many other duties, Blake Byram earned recognition for assisting with the drug interdiction program – involving Haitian smugglers – from the United States Coast Guard.

In addition to his service with the United States Coast Guard, Blake Byram has also served for a variety of other organizations, including nonprofit organizations such as the American Red Cross organization. Blake Byram provided exceptional contributions to the American Red Cross organization with his dedicated service for the world renowned organization, which proved highly valuable in relief efforts following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.

Commercial Pilots License Holder: Blake Byram

Blake Byram is one of few individuals who have obtained their professional piloting license. Blake Byram has utilized his skills and expertise as a pilot for many years, whether through contributing piloting services to nonprofit organizations and charities, or for a variety of other purposes involved with transporting people (including himself) as well as materials across far distances.

Blake Byram has dedicated many years to pursuits as a pilot. Having earned his license to fly both fixed wing as well as helicopter aircraft, Blake Byram has a reputation of excellence as a leading pilot. Blake Byram wants you to know that if you seek to become a licensed pilot yourself, doing so may be more worthwhile than you might know.

Blake Byram

Blake Byram

Blake Byram says that there are a number of vocations that pilots serve with immense dedication. Most people are familiar with the airline industry, either because they or someone who they know has flown on an aircraft that serves within a fleet of aircraft operated by an airline. According to Blake Byram, however, airline pilots represent only one of the many sectors and areas that licensed pilots may work within.

According to Blake Byram, those who have obtained their commercial pilot’s license are in-demand at a number of institutions, including private companies, governmental bodies (including various branches within the armed forces), charities, and nonprofit organizations, and many others.

In order to obtain a commercial pilot’s license, one must first obtain entry into a college or other training institute that is credentialed in the area of administering pilots training. There are a variety of courses that piloting students may take, says Blake Byram.

According to Blake Byram, if you are dedicated to producing successful results as a pilot, there are certainly a number of institutions that would be grateful for your service.

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